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How To Promote and Optimize Your YouTube Channel?

How To Promote and Optimize Your YouTube Channel?

How To Promote and Optimize Your YouTube Channel?

If you are a "normal" YouTuber or if you are an established business or brand, it is mandatory to promote your content. Your endgame allows people to view your content and creations. Unfortunately, marketing and promoting your content is a bit of a challenge for non-professionals, and some of us can't afford to hire someone to do it for us.

We have already discussed the greatness of YouTube in previous blog posts. It has been officially declared as the most visited website on the internet (which in our opinion is quite an achievement!)!

In fact, the platform now has about two billion daily users. Considering there are about 7.5 billion people in the world - that’s a lot of users. Let's face it - 25% of all people use YouTube. A quarter of humanity. Let that sink for a minute.

That’s why we’re here. In this month's blog post, we'll introduce you to effective ways you can promote your YouTube channel. 

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These are all about keywords

This doesn't just apply to your video titles. Yes, targeting strong keywords for video titles is a step you should never avoid. Seriously, never. However, as can be seen, keywords are also important for channel names and channel descriptions.

Sometimes do not skip metadata

We honestly can’t stress it enough. Metadata is not something you should ignore. It helps search engine algorithms search and categorize your channels and videos. Basically, metadata makes you discoverable. It helps search engines help people find you. Why would you want to miss out on such a great opportunity?

Compete and discount

Greaves and contests are the safest bet for you - assuming you have the funds for any prize. It gives you reason to stay close to your audience (who doesn't like free stuff!)) And makes it valuable to keep your channel up front.

Some channels feature a discount or contest per month, some once a year. However, the result is always the same - an incoming customer and viewer will appear and interact for a chance to win a prize. Just make sure you follow the rules on YouTube and you're good to go!

Create your own community and join others

YouTube is a most popular video sharing and streaming social media platform.

Watch videos from other YouTubers in your niche and interact with their content. Mention them in your own videos and refer them to your audience. It will not only make your social connections and not like you; This will help you determine your competition and learn from them.

You can join Facebook groups and subredits that are niche related or YouTube related and can interact there. The more friends you have, the more people will be attracted to you. Just like real life.

Cross-promote new content on other social media platforms.

Everyone owns multiple social media profiles on multiple platforms. 2019 is officially the year of FOMO (Miss Out of Miss) whenever anyone posts something on one platform - they instantly see the reference of their followers and friends on other platforms go you know, to make sure no one misses it.

Use YouTube's advertising services

This option is not cheap. YouTube knows how to grow and enhance your channel, and they provide their own advertising platform and services for everyone to use. As long as you are willing to extend for it.

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YouTube ads have many different formats you can choose from:

Display ads: These will appear in the right hand sidebar of the videos. These are only available for desktop users.

Overlay ads: These ads are almost transparent, displayed at the bottom of the video player. Again, these ads are only available to desktop users.

Avoidable and unavoidable video ads: These ads are probably the most common. These are displayed before, during and after the video play. You can "skip" after five seconds. However, "unavoidable" ads are a must-see for viewers before they see your video and are hated by the community.

Bumper ads: Bumper ads are non-excluded ads that viewers must see before watching your video. These ads can appear for up to six seconds.

Sponsored Cards: Similar to the regular cards you can add to videos, they appear in related videos (i.e. other people's videos).

Do some channel SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for the success of your channel. People search for keywords on YouTube's search engine as well as external search engines like Google, Yahoo or DuckDoggo, and appearing at the top of the SERPs for targeted keywords can drive a lot of traffic to your channel.

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