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Requirements of Google AdSense Approval

If you've started blogging and interacting regularly online, you must be heard about Google Adsense. Yes guys today we will try to know the details about Google Adsense. I hope you stay with us throughout the time. Let's not know first.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the world's most popular advertising media owned by IT giant Google. Which you can earn money by advertising with Google on your blog.

Different individuals and organizations are contracted to this Adsense for the promotion and sale of various products or services. The organization pays Adsense for the promotion and sale of their product or service. Adsense promotes the promotion of their products or services on various sites. The Adsense authorities provide a portion of this promotion to the site owner in the appropriate sense.

Adsense is open to desktop websites, videos, games, mobile apps and more. Adsense ads have text and image format.

Requirements of Google AdSense Approval:

Most new bloggers in our country find that they apply without fulfilling the Adsense terms. Many people copy content from another site and paste it on the blog and then apply for Adsense . And that's why their adsense is never approved and only then do they think Adsense is a deer. But Adsense is not a gold deer. If you comply with the terms of AdSense then apply if everything is ok then your Adsense will be approved within 3-5 days. Let us not know today what we need to keep in mind for getting Google Adsense Approved.

Content Type:

  1. Before applying to Adsense , always keep in mind what kind of content you are publishing. The content must be copy-paste free. It is not possible to get an Adsense account by pasting the copy because Adsense Original does not want to show ads without content.
  2. We write content for the user which is always search engine friendly.
  3. There are other things you need to keep in mind so that you do not use copyrighted images or content on the site in any way that is against their policies.
  4. Also refrain from publishing articles on pornography, hacking, gambling or anything illegal. The usual rule is to write blog content then it is possible to get Approval fast.
  5. There is no specific answer to the question about the minimum number of posts to apply for in Adsense . But from experience, I would say that you should take 20-20 original content and that word limit should be in minimum 5 wards.
  6. When writing posts Topics Relative fairly high sepsis and High Competitive (according to Edward) Keyword will write the post so that Google will be very interested to place ads on your site and get approved Adsense quickly.
  7. Before applying to Google Adsense , you must keep in mind that all the posts are indexed in search engines. Posts need to be shared regularly on social media and bookmark sites. The traffic on the site will also increase day by day.
  8. You cannot stuff your post by using additional keywords.

Site Design and Navigation:

The site design is very important for getting approved by Adsense . The design of your site demonstrates your expertise so design your site in a way that doesn't feel like the site is new and still under work. Google does not approve Adsense for under construction site.
Sites designed with rough colors and extra colorful backgrounds do not get Approval, so be careful in these cases.

Also the navigation level of the site has to be easy and the page page and link structure must also be standard.

Creating some important pages for AdSense Approval:

Privacy Policy Pages: 
Google places great importance on a site's privacy policy. Privacy Policy Basically discusses what site visitors and readers should and should not do on your blog and discusses how you use your blog. That's why it's important to have a Privacy Policy page in general. If you can create your own privacy policy page, read the privacy policy page of some sites to understand what or how to write it.

About Us Page: 
About Us Page is also very important to get Adsense Approval on your site. If you do not create this page and apply for Adsense, then it is very unlikely that your Adsense will be approved. The About Us page basically talks about you or your site. How the site is started, who or who oversees the site and discusses what the site is about is a key component of the About Us page. This is why you must create an About Us page before applying for Adsense. Visit some sites and start reading their About Us page.

Contact Us Page: 
The Contact Us Page basically allows your visitors and readers to contact you. Through the Contact Us page, your readers receive your help, meaning that you care about your visitors and readers who like Adsense. So you must create a Contact Us page on your site.

Other ad networks:

This is a very important issue. Adsense and clicker cannot be used together. Because clicker contextual ad that is anti-Adsense terms. Yahoo is the same thing. So to apply to Adsense, you must remove these types of ads from the site. As far as experience goes, it seems like the ban is going to be banned from Yahoo or clickers Adsense. And be careful with the use of Adbrite and Bidvertizer. If there are affiliate links you should be careful about them. I think it will be an applied batter with just the links to stay free of risk before applying.

Top level domain:

Now to get the fast Adsense Approval, your blog must be a top level domain like com, net, org. Top level domain is also essential for visitors to get good response.

Implement the issues discussed above and then apply for Adsense. If everything's okay then it's only a matter of time before you get your Adsense Approval!

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